The Hidden (Review)


Not sure this is really a horror flick, more a “tweener”, with the basic plot slightly skewed toward horror rather than sci-fi.

Speaking of plot, the opening scene is a violent bank robbery, followed by a high speed car chase that even includes the “car running through the  pane of glass held by two guys”, and a shootout which ends with the action movie staple of a car exploding when shot (even though the cops were seemingly aiming at the perp). Despite the cliche it actually isn’t a bad scene.

We are then introduced to the lawman Tom Beck who says that the bad guy went on a two week crime spree and is apparently about to die from the wounds from both gunshots and the explosion. He is then introduced to Lloyd Gallagher, an FBI man played by Kyle McLachlan who nonetheless “needs” to meet the criminal straight away.

As you probably haven’t heard about the film I’ll try to minimise the description, but it is obvious early on that the criminal is being “hosted” by an alien being, who is able to transfer from one human to the next, as long as the new body is basically dead (not a positive sign if his host body is desperate to move!) Actually the coolest part of the film is the transfer process, though it is not pretty.

The host seems to be the ultimate consumer, while he is in possession of the body he lives by the mantra “drive it like you stole it”, he eats what he wants, steals what he needs and for most of the flick conveniently carries his own dodgy 80’s soundtrack with him, the only recognisable song being from Aussie outfit Hunters and Collectors.

Even though after about 30 minutes you have a fair handle on how this will end this Alien/Terminator rip-off adds enough to entertain, with a fair bit of action peppered with a little sci-fi and a teaspoon of horror. Equally entertaining is the “pick that 80’s bit part guy”, I saw actors from King PinRed Heat and The Last Boy Scout and I’m sure there are many others.

Final Rating – 7 / 10. Not a bad 80’s B movie. You could do worse.

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