Revenge of the List

It’s no secret that lists mean hits, in the age of diminishing attention spans it is easier to hold focus when you are looking at things in point form, my goal is to be like the guy linked at the bottom of the imdb home page that I myself click on, and I know I personally usually opt for the list style articles first.

So without further Apu I introduce the OGR era of lists, starting with Music as it has largely been ignored on this site up to now.

Should stand to reason that these lists and their underlying selections are my personal picks only, I don’t care for commercial popularity and critical kudos, only what I personally enjoy. I encourage and expect disagreement of many of my selections, but if you agree with some of my picks and haven’t heard of some of the others I encourage you to look them up and see what you think. Also if you don’t agree with some selections and you can’t provide either a reason or an alternative then I’m not interested in hearing it.

Hyperspace forums should be used to promote discussion, pointless bagging is a waste of time and shows little initiative nor intelligence.

You’re better than that, prove it.

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