Movie Marathons

The fact that this site looks back as much as it worries about the 74th Pirates of the Caribbean, Saw or Transformers unnecessariness can be a benefit.

For one it enables me to consume all two, three, four or more films in a series in one chunk, even films that don’t really exist like Rocky 5, Beverly Hills Cop 3 and any of the Chipmunks films…

It also enables me to directly compare the films and – much like renting the DVD of an entire TV series – occasionally let me watch an entire film series that I haven’t previously checked out from go to whoa.

Because movie sequels are greenlit depending upon profit and not quality there are a great many undeserving franchises out there. I have said from day 1 that I will never knowingly watch a shitty film, let alone 3 or more.

But in saying that I do accept requests…

By all means share my pain by checking through the movie marathons in the tab located on the right margin. Let me know if I am way off base, or if there are undiscovered gems that I am yet to find.


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