Wolf Creek (Review)


  1. Now this is a good crappy horror movie. They used Crappy Horror Movie Template C for this one. Two chicks and a guy buy a rustbucket and set off across country on a road trip, cue up the inevitable cliches. Let’s count them off shall we?
  2. The run in with the creepy locals.
  3. The awkward get together between the guy and the chick. (It’s a horror movie, they are “chicks”.)
  4. The car engine mysteriously conks out. (Though this is sort of explained.)
  5. The random appearance of the “Stranger”.
  6. The escape and subsequent pursuit, leading to the showdown.

Now I’m not bagging Wolf Creek. It follows the handbook to the letter but does it well, and when it does stray from formula it has a couple of nice surprises. The guy and chicks handle the acting stuff pretty well, as there are only three characters for half the movie you get to know them better than in many such films. The Stranger is known to Aussies as a staple in local TV over many decades, and he gives a genuinely creepy performance that doesn’t stray so far that it becomes hokey.

Once the film heats up it moves quickly and perhaps would have benefitted from another few minutes actually as it wraps up feeling a bit short, maybe one more chase or twist would have helped. I did enjoy the refreshing lack of bullshit, the Stranger’s true colours are revealed in blunt fashion, as are his “long term” intentions, and once he actually gets his hands on the escapees there is no unnecessary gloating or playing around, he handles his business and moves on.

I have heard rumours about a Wolf Creek 2 and hope they don’t come to fruition. This was a reasonable, unpretentious nasty little flick that did what it needed then finished. I don’t think it warrants a second venture to Wolf Creek, nor was the “Stranger” a strong enough character to warrant a Freddie or Jason style franchise.

Final Rating – 7 / 10. Efficient enough horror movie. No surprises for horror fans but worth a look.

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