Infestation (Review)

A Bug’s Life 2: Flik’s Revenge

Anaconda gave us a giant snake. Lake Placid crocodiles. Tremors gave us giant underground worms. Boa Vs Cobra gave us ludicrous giant snakes. King Kong made us afraid of CGI monkeys. Deep Blue Sea gave us giant smart sharks. Arachnophobia gave us millions of spiders

Infestation gives us giant bugs who have taken over the world, or at least part of it.

After some meaningless guff everyone who is gonna be in the film from here wakes up from an unexplained coma to find that the world has been overrun by giant bugs.

Most of our “heroes” awaken in an office building, where they are joined by other similarly confused punters. They decide to go outside…

Bad idea.

Plan 2 sees them joining up to head across town to the home of one of the characters, a guy named Cooper whose Dad is a crazed war veteran with an underground bunker where they should be safe.

Along the way the group end up as a 5-some, but really it is Cooper as the slacker office idiot and the daughter of his ex-boss (both because he was fired and because she was eaten) Sarah who matter, as from the start they are destined to be together. Sorry “the rest”, you are all bug food!

Sarah is taken by the bugs just before they reach Cooper’s pad, meaning he must save her before he turns on the lave lamp and throws all his best moves at her in his stale smelling bedroom where the walls are covered in posters (I’m just guessing he is like every other early 20s guy who still lives with his parents), so it is on to the nest!

Look this is a nice little low budget effort so the plot doesn’t matter once you’ve read the People Vs Giant Bugs bit. There are some creative creature effects, most notably the “hybrid” creatures that seem to use unwilling humans as hosts. Being a low budget flick it is also good to see that they covered some of the bare minimum elements that such a film requires.

Those include:

  • –         Bad jokes.
  • –         Boobies.
  • –         Violence.
  • –         Funny and gross creatures.

I liked the ending too, all in all this is an ideal mid week rental. You don’t have to think, your missus will shriek a couple times without ever being scared or too grossed out, and it doesn’t really matter if she falls asleep half way through. It also tops out at under 90 minutes.

Final Rating – 6.5 / 10. No-one behind this is walking up the steps to get an Oscar, but a creative genre piece that achieves its limited goals.

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