Spring (Review)

springAfter a week no young man should have to experience, Evan finds himself at a crossroads, with no parents, no job and unwanted police attention emanating from a drunken encounter.

In an act borne of desperation Evan buys a ticket to Europe, where he backpacks around, running into other such young men, trading stories and drinking, before he arrives in a small seaside town… and meets the beautiful Louise.

What starts as a road movie with the promise of self discovery, suddenly changes in ways I cannot describe. Suffice to say that while this is indeed a romantic film about young love, it is more than that also. You see it’s complicated, and far more complicated than your average Aniston romance where they break up with fifteen minutes to go and get back together five minutes later.

Think Splice but don’t. Think Let the Right One In but not really. Think Audition but try to aspire to more. Spring isn’t really anything but many things. Again above all it is a romance despite many other things, just know that it is extremely compelling and entirely original. That’s probably why it is so hard to describe, even vaguely.

And that’s probably why you should just check it out…

Final Rating – 7.5 / 10. Spring doesn’t nail everything it tries, but you must admire the effort and audacity to try… this. I cannot describe it in detail, but I can heartily endorse it.

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