The Divide (Review)

'The lucky ones died in the blast.' They sure did.

Here is some undeniable proof in de-evolution. Both in terms of human beings and cinema.

In your stock standard, straight off the shelf post-apocalyptic environment a small group of survivors huddle in the basement of their apartment building alongside Micky (Michael Beihn), the building superintendent who seems to well prepared for just this possibility.

Before the shellshocked masses have any real opportunity to swap insurance information a group of white suited men with big guns breaks through the metal door, kills a few, takes some others and leaves, this time sealing the remaining few from the outside. Then it’s back to bickering, panicking and chewing their nails.

Unfortunately for us, the ‘highlight’ of the film just came and went and we didn’t even know it.

All that remains are questions. What is going on outside? Who is responsible? Who are left? If the airtight basement represents the only safe-haven from pollution, radiation and contamination why the fuck are we all smoking like chimneys?


Don’t bother worrying, this film doesn’t bother even trying to answer any of these things, it is more worried with growing more and more claustrophobic, menacing and rapey.

If that floats your boat then have at it. For me though, I now have a new post apocalyptic perspective. If it ever eventuates that the big BOOM arrives, and I am blessed with options, here is how I would like to go out.

  1. Alone with cockroaches, (Wall-E made it look quite fun).
  2. Die in the blast.
  3. Survive with only a DVD player and a copy of this film.
  4. Survive with the moronic freak show that populates this basement.

And for the record, I ummed and aahed between alternating 3 and 4 for a couple minutes. This film was that lacking in entertainment, creativity or worth. I don’t care how realistic, possible or well made it is – and for the record I don’t really think it was much of any of these things – The Divide is dull, depressing and pointless.

Final Rating – 4.5 / 10. If I ever voluntarily sit through this again you know the end is nigh. That and I couldn’t find a cockroach friend to play with.

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