Police Story 2 (Review)

If my memory serves the first Jackie Chan movie I ever saw was either this or Armour of God, both would feature somewhere at the top end of his all time best list.

This film commences very near to the conclusion of the original Police Story, Ka-Kui was actually demoted even after his heroic deeds in the first led to the capture of the bad guy Chu, for being too individualistic.

He is now a traffic cop, although early in the piece we learn that Chu is actually out of prison already due to ill health, and that he has vowed to use his remaining time to put Ka-Kui and everyone he knows (read: May) through hell.

So what ensues is many menacing encounters between May and Chu’s thugs, Ka-Kui running around being chased and beaten, and some slapstick in between featuring Ka-Kui’s superiors. (They even throw in some fart jokes and toilet humour. Classy!)

After a brief time Ka-Kui decides enough is enough and resigns, planning to take May overseas for a holiday and out of danger, as she has been threatening him with the prospect of single life.

Of course being called Police Story 2 Ka-Kui is sucked back in to investigate an extortion case, and the Chu terrorising tactics are temporarily thrown on the backburner.

The middle part of the film is surprising straightforward, Ka-Kui investigates the case and makes progress until he is very close to catching the extortionists. It is at this point that they take first May, then Ka-Kui himself hostage, planning to use Ka-Kui to pick up the blackmail money, keeping May as insurance so he behaves.

Of course this is Jackie-Fucking-Chan we are talking about, that shit won’t work here bad guys.

The finale takes Ka-Kui to an old factory and it is absolutely classic stuff. Ka-Kui only has a few foes to take on, no 15 on one Armour of God stuff here, but the final fight is so cool that you don’t even notice the lack of enemies.

There is one guy in particular who is deaf and dumb, and tiny (definitely sub 4 ft 10 inches), he has amazing agility and hummingbird wings for legs. In one slo-mo scene he leaps and kicks Ka-Kui with force three times whilst in the air, and even while standing he throws so many kicks that Ka-Kui (temporarily of course) is on the back foot.

Ka-Kui walks off toward camera having defeated his latest foe as a huge explosion tears through the factory behind him, and you immediately seek out Police Story 3 to see if it half as good. (And I have some pretty good news for you there, but I’ll deal with that in due course.)

1/ Are there any “WOW!” fights?

Yes Sir! The playground fight is awesome and the finale at the factory unforgettable.

2/ Are there any “WOW!” stunts?

Yes again. Ka-Kui jumps from moving truck, to moving bus and hurtles through a window.

3/ Which Jackie is it? Serious / Whimsical / Cocky…

Determined and desperate.

4/ Does he get to use Jackie-exclusive toys?

No. Mitsubishi gets a look in as always.

5/ Do stolen relics come up?

Not this time.

6/ Are there hot chicks (that usually can’t act)?

Only May, his Police Story GF.

7/ Is there a blooper reel over the credits?


8/ Were there injuries on the shoot? Severity?

Remember the truck-bus-window combo? Didn’t go so well the first time. There were also numerous other incidents that looked very painful to other actors.

9/ Has he still got it?

Yep, and best of all he was learning to fill in the between-fight parts more effectively.

10/ Is it a “Jackie Chan” film, or just one he is in?

Jackie himself directed this one, and he knew what he wanted.

Final Rating – 9 / 10. More consistent than PS1, and the fight scenes a little more polished. An all time classic action flick.

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