Worry Dolls (Review)

A young girl awakens. Confused. Gagged and bound to rusty pipes in a dingy room. She is already bloodied and bruised, but she has energy and strength borne of panic and self preservation.

A man appears brandishing a large industrial drill. A drill he clearly intends to use for non industrial purposes. She frees herself and flees on foot. He pursues.

The girl lives. She is not the first to fall afoul of the driller killer, but she is the first to survive. Thanks to the intervention of detective Matt.

All familiar so far. Well it gets familiar-er.

Despite breaking a lengthy case and taking down a notorious serial killer, Detective Matt worries that it is not yet over. Is hunch is almost instantly proven correct when a new spate of sudden and especially bloody murders commence across the county, each carried out by random and unexpected protagonists. Each with familiar traits reminiscent of the recently disposed murderer.

Meanwhile Matt’s 11 year old daughter is behaving… oddly.

The only interesting thing I took away was the number of times someone happened upon clear evidence of ultra weird circumstances and instantly told the bloodied and petrified witness or victim to ‘stop talking crazy’ or variations of ‘stop talking crazy’ at their seemingly valid claims and assertions.

The plot in Worry Dolls only exists to progress the film to the next ‘kill’, so as to show we the audience that the filmmakers have watched the classics closely, to the extent that each kill scene rips off another film. The first is Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with each sequence cribbing the music, angles or means of execution from other well known films.

Paying homage is fine and all, and there is no lack of effort or application on display here despite being an obviously low budget effort, but perspiration without inspiration can only take you so far. With an absence of new ideas and an inability to inject new energy into old concepts, once again I finished a film that inspired me to rewatch some of the classics it stole from.

Final Ratings – 5.5 / 10. In honour of Worry Dolls I suggest the following; Angel Heart, The Blair Witch Project or Skeleton Key.

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