Gang Related (Review)

gang_related_ver1Frank (James Belushi) and Rodriguez (Tupac Shakur) are dirty cops. They kill criminals and keep the money, writing each incident off as…

Dramatic pause…

Gang Related!

Problems arise when one such murder ends with an undercover cop being killed. Gee, why can’t a couple of hard working dirty cops catch a break?

The murdered cop’s colleagues want justice. When several inane attempts are made to pin the blame on known scumbags prove inept, Frank and Rodriguez settle for someone who can’t possibly say no, an alcoholic and entirely oblivious bum named John Doe (Dennis Quaid), a man so out of it all that he ends up believing that he must have committed the crime, seeing as so many people tell him he did.

This indescribably silly cover up leads to a never ending series of exponentially worse ideas, where the tiniest pull of any number of threads to invariably cause instant unraveling.

There are many threads, all tugged at once. So much to disbelieve – seriously, amnesia? – and even more to dislike. The two culpable cops casually discuss the small print surrounding their misdemeanors at loud volume in the midst of a crowded police station.

A lawyer says “oh SHIT!” loudly in court when something doesn’t go her way. A key (fake) witness finds she knows the accused.

And all that before the accused turns out to be someone of far greater importance than a mere homeless bum. Someone worth defending.


Belushi and Tupac never seem to gel. As his former alcoholic fog lifts, so too does Dennis Quaid seem to come to the realisation that this is a doomed project. James Earl Jones tries to lend credibility with his booming voice, but no one is bailing out this sinking ship.

Final Rating – 5 / 10. Bad cops might write crimes off as gang related, you should just write this film off altogether…

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