The Loft (Review)

loftThe Loft is a jointly owned, well appointed Love Shack, that five guys with deep pockets and shallow morals use to cheat on their respective partners.

A text system warns the other four gents to ‘not come a knockin’ at an inappropriate time, and only five keys – one for each scumbag – will unlock the front door.

Then one morning a man arrives to find a beautiful young naked woman handcuffed to the bed. Dead, in a pool of her own blood.

He summons the other four co-owners, and the fivesome get to pointing fingers and casting aspersions.

All five are variations of creepy, scuzzy or moronic, and if a guy ain’t too much of one, you know he has an excess of the others…

Whodunnit? Whocares?

Like Very Bad Things a few years ago and other films since,┬áit’s hard to care about any one of the five scumbags worried about the integrity of their bang bunker and the unwanted attention of the women they are cheating on. We learn more of the unpleasant traits and deeds through flashbacks and cutaways, including revelations of despicable behaviour that brought them to this point. As a matter of fact there is far too much retrospective exposition, as the film in vain tries to generate tension and uncertainty.

The truth relies on communal stupidity, well timed unlikeliness and split second douchery. The film relies on an audience that overlooks reprehensible activity and forgives a mediocre and ridiculous plot developments.

Final Rating – 6 / 10. The trend of large casts of unlikeable characters makes it hard to accept dull plots and to forgive stupidity.

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