Tequila Sunrise (Review)

Tequila SunriseChildhood buddies Nick (Kurt Russell) and Dale (Mel Gibson) took very different paths upon entering the adult world. Nick became a diligent and determined cop, Dale an equally effective drug dealer. While each continued to disagree with the other’s choice of vocation, the two remained friends. They just didn’t talk ‘shop’ together.

It was relatively easy to stay out of each other’s path for a long while. Until Nick was promoted into the lead job in the area that Dale was supposed to be ‘working’, with the ultimate aim to be to take down Dale, and ideally the mysterious and legendary drug baron named Carlos.

Only Dale is maintaining to one and all that he is keeping things above board and his hands are clean. Not many believe him, and even Nick has doubts…

The treacle slow proceedings try (in vain) to pick up pace upon the introduction of Joanna, the owner of a swish local restaurant frequented by both gents.

Nick sees that Dale is a loyal customer. He sees that Joanna often talks to Dale. He sees that Joanna is pretty damn hot. He decides to check Joanna out.

For his part Dale sees Nick seeing Joanna. He sees Joanna too. He sees Joanna seeing Nick. He sees lots of other cops in the background trying to be inconspicuous.

It’s all very complicated and just not very compelling. Another late 80s, early 90s drama full of decent actors not called upon to do much. Call me out of the loop and impatient but I haven’t got two hours to waste watching a romantic triangle that takes as long to build as those other ‘triangles’ in Egypt. While the pyramids are still standing thousands of years later, Tequila Sunrise has deservedly crumbled and sunk without a trace decades ago.

Final Rating – 6 / 10. Is there an overwrought 80s love scene? You bet your sweet saxophone solo there is!

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