Lovely Molly (Review)

Lovely-Molly2Somebody should have told them.

When newlyweds Tim and Molly Reynolds decide to save money by moving into Molly’s parent’s spacious rural home in the middle of nowhere. Somebody should have told them it was a bad idea.

Somebody should at least have told Tim.

With Tim away for long stretches driving trucks and Molly working part time in the nearby town, there is ample time for her to spruce up the place. To renovate. To reminisce over her childhood days growing up here. To wander about the two storeys and adjoining run down sheds. To traipse through the surrounding woods.

To be alone with her thoughts and memories.

Having sister Hannah living nearby helps. And the local Pastor seems happy enough to pop in to make sure everything is going well. But even with these visitors there is still so much time to fill.

And so many voices.

Lovely Molly is not your standard horror movie. We are not viewers awaiting the next victim to appear, or even guessing who did what or what happens next. We are onlookers. Watching Molly going about her humdrum day to day, listening for key sentences or phrases that we can use to draw our own conclusions. We try to watch her face and her expressions to guess what she is feeling. Only then can we feel anything more than either uneasiness or confusion.

Thankfully for us and the film the prevailing emotion is uneasiness. Lovely Molly is a delicious slow burn with a masterful central performance from Gretchen Lodge as Molly and a memorable supporting turn from Alexandra Holden as the sister, and for a long time the only person who really understands what the hell is going on.

The eagle eyed and attentive will eventually piece together Molly’s full story. Fans of original and serious horror will enjoy the lengthy taut scenes that they share with Molly. Everyone else can go please themselves.

This might not be a great film to watch again and again. But the first viewing is very rewarding.

Final Rating – 7.5 / 10. Rates very high on my ‘creepiness-meter’. That’s a good thing.

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