Over the Top (Review)

Any other film this poster sucks – HERE it is perfect.

Sometimes there is nothing better than kicking back with a good book.

When pressed for time sneaking an episode of Family Guy or Tosh.0 provides some chuckles.

Other times a good drama with a solid story, quality acting and a satisfying conclusion.

Near the end of the week I like to blow off steam with the Xbox, a bag of chips and a couple of beers.

But every now and then – not often mind you – but every now and then you can’t go past:

–          overblown 80s rawwwwwk ballads

–          montages of truckin, truckers and truck maintenance

–          oodles of shirtless Stallone

–          an arrogant, spoilt, rich pin-dick of a kid being difficult and ungrateful to his estranged Dad (about a thousand times)

–          Robert Loggia as the prick Grandfather of afore-mentioned pin-dick

–          guys with names like Smasher, Hawk, Hulk, I could go on…

–          backwards baseball caps

–          sweaty dive bars

–          overblown 80s soft rawwwk ballads

–          67 more nice-dad / wanker-son talks

–          macho winnin’ clichés and try hard motivational phrases

–          wondering if the lead character has the surname ‘Hawk’ or ‘Hawks’ as every character pronounces it differently – even the guy playing Hawk(s?) (Credits say no ‘s’)

… And even rarer still is the insanely guilty pleasure of watching various sweaty, bug eyed and mostly unsavoury looking muscle heads indulge in a no holds barred arm-wrestling tournament in seedy Las Vegas Nevada.

Vegas Baby!


Wow. At one point they actually tried to sell the soundtrack to this!

I can’t – nay I refuse – to spoil the moment and let you know if the hard done by hard working guy named Hawk, with the ungrateful kid with the hateful hovering grandfather and the run down truck who could really use the first prize of a new truck with a big Hawk printed on the side, wins.

That might ruin your enjoyment.

Final Rating – 6.5 / 10. One of Sly’s lesser efforts that still remains inexplicably rewatchable somehow. Also note that Sly hadn’t yet grown to ‘unreasonable’ proportions by this stage. Compare with Rambo 3 for a *Gosh* response.

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