Triangle (Review)

Watch out for that upside-down dude with a bag on his head!

Triangle is an English / Australian collaboration filmed in Australia and set in America.

Still with me?

Regardless of that the film is bloody good fun and at times is a real head scratcher – in a good way.

I have read a couple of reviews for Triangle which dwelt altogether too much on the plausibility of the plot, this is most definitely a case of forget what is behind the premise and just enjoy the ride, because at times even though you might not totally understand what the hell is going on you sure as hell can’t say that the film doesn’t try to be interesting.

And come on: Inception made more than a lazy half billion. Try to get the average Joe to explain the ins and outs of that one to you.


As you may guess this is not an average film, it deals with extraordinary events and circumstances and in reality it is hard for me to explain the plot without starting to give things away or talk in circles.

What I can say is that at the start of the film Jess (Melissa George) and three other people are boarding a luxury yacht named Triangle owned by Greg. A young bloke that Greg has taken under his wing is the sole crew member – everyone else is along for the lark of it.

A digression here – who in their right mind would name a boat Triangle if they knew of a certain area near Bermuda? Moving on…

Jess is a slightly run down full time single Mum, part time waitress whose son Tommy is autistic. Greg has invited her along for the day to give her some “time off” – and probably try to get in her pants (only being honest, Melissa George isn’t too shabby even when exhausted).

So the 6 set off for a bit of a jaunt on the open ocean.

Only shortly after setting sail a freak electrical storm brews up as if from nowhere and starts heading towards the yacht. A frantic SOS call comes in but at the time the Triangle has issues of ethir own, but despite their best efforts the ship capsizes and a passenger is lost.

Shortly after a miracle occurs, out of nowhere a vast luxury liner called the Aeolus appears on the horizon and the survivors scramble aboard.

Jess instantly feels that the ship is somehow familiar…



And I’ve said too much!

What ensues can’t be simply described, nor would it be fair to try in any case, but this is no Castaway or Titanic clone.

What Triangle is, is at times indescribable. The plot moves so swiftly and makes no effort to slow down to let you gather your thoughts so you are constantly trying to put together the pieces to come up with a logical explanation just as things take another U turn.

There are a couple of twists and turns that will make your jaw drop – or at least mine did – and I grinned a few times at the sheer audacity of the filmmakers to even think that they could pull all this off.

All I would suggest is that you give Triangle a chance, it might not make a zack of sense if you really think about it – but then maybe you were thinking too hard about unnecessary stuff instead of having fun with a creative movie.

Final Rating – 8 / 10. An original and compelling low budget flick. A great central performance from an increasingly frazzled Melissa George and one of the loopiest plots in recent years. Triangle is a fun film.

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