The Dark Crystal (Review)

dark_crystalWell this was a lot more dark and subversive than I remember. The Skeksis were always creepy, but this is a lot different to what you think when you say ‘kid’s puppet movie’.

The plot is simple; creatures good ‘mystics’ and evil ‘skeksis’ vie for the upper hand in a fantastical world. There are only a few of each race left.

The Dark Crystal will likely tip the balance of power to whomever finds it.

The Mystics send small hobbit like gelfling Jen, who eventually teams with Keira and journeys across dangerous lands in search of the magical shard.

The Skeksis are menacing in appearance to begin with even before they send their minions and perform occasional direct attacks, creating potentially scary moments for the tots.

It isn’t all scares and mental scarring for the toddlers. Unique characters abound, because that is how Jim Henson rolled. The outdoor locations are spectacular and what are undoubtedly massive sets magnificent, making it another wonder that this is essentially a big puppet show. But while The Dark Crystal has many moments that linger, in retrospect it suffers by comparison with Labyrinth, which wins the day thanks to some bouncy songs and a typically charismatic performance from the late great David Bowie.

Final Rating – 7 / 10. The Dark Crystal is another towering achievement from Jim Hensen, however its success is more setting than story.

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