Project X (Review)

Stay with me here. Project X is a party. A party thrown for a skinny socially awkward, special needs Matthew Modine looking kid named Thomas while his parents are away for the weekend.

A party thrown by the Jonah Hill character from Superbad, only here he is split into two wholly unlikable characters instead of one hilariously offensive over-confident teen. One half is Costa, an obnoxious cocky mouth who never stops talking, yet somehow never manages to have anything interesting or amusing to say, and the other guy, some fat loser.

Tell me how a combination of those two isn’t a patent rip-off of the Jonah Hill character and I’ll abandon my theory that this is a lame rip-off of that minor modern comedy classic.

And of course the party is to be filmed by a guy who manages to be at every key event, phrase and happening over the evening – often from many angles at the same time. If you’re going to cash in on the ‘hand held so it’s obviously happening live’ thing at least stick with it, even the over-rated Chronicle managed that.

With a party to plan the usual things need to be organised, invitations, streamers, balloon animals…

Hardly, think spreading the word, inviting bitches (‘wear something tight yo’), booze and drugs.

All goes reasonably well until the pre-teen security force take things a step far. Actually it was sadly predictable until that point, and remained so for the hour or so beyond. In fact nothing really happens that doesn’t happen at other teen parties, only all of it happens with more people around. If this is amazing then consider me fake amazed.

Of course there are thousands of teens drinking copious amounts of alcohol with little impact, nubile young ladies keen to disrobe and a soundtrack so hip, now and cutting edge that I had no choice but to hate it.

The only ‘out there’ addition was the nut punching midget, but that was hardly worth waiting for. There’s one of those on Jersey Shore.

And all with an over-riding moral that says ‘popularity is worth the price’. Get learning kids…

Final Rating – 5 / 10. If it’s a spoiler to say nothing interesting happens then consider yourself spoiled, I’d rather that than spoil the 90 minutes of your evening by actually watching this.

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