Playa Hatin’ – Tokyo Womprats 72

Hopefully this is a case where the wives and girlfriends of the actual shirt wearer are to blame. About 4 years ago you couldn’t go to a BBQ or out to dinner with a group of friends without some guy wearing a shirt with much the same theme as that above.

Need an example? 5 seconds on Google images gave me this.


"I reckon the Dragons will make the playoffs this year."

Basically it went like this: Japanese location / fake sporting team name / random year. Once someone sold a few it seemed every lazy men’s casual chain in Australia went absolutely apeshit with these things, obviously knowing that many guys don’t buy their own stuff and that they will buy anything bought for them by their partner. Dunno why I hate this so much, I think it is because the design is just so LAZY and that those that wear them are obviously just as lazy. There are a million variations, all basically of the same shirt. They all suck.

(In the interest of good journalism I also googled the Sapporo Dragons, they don’t exist but if they did I’m guessing 1982 would be an important year for the franchise. Anyone looking to form a team need look no further for their team casual wear.)

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