Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Review)

Ticket sales to the prom were slow...

Ticket sales to the prom were slow…

Now that the unpleasantness of the zombie outbreak is contained to more impoverished areas, we 16th century English men and women can return to supping tea and being overly polite to each other.

Somehow despite that ridiculous set up this is not a spoof, nor a shticky B movie – apparently Pride and Prejudice and Zombies had a 28 million dollar budget (IMDb says), no apparently they have elected to play it straight!

Either that or every single joke flew right over my head, although I would have seen them when I was eye rolling for the seventieth time.

In any case Darcy is ever so brave, and the Bennett sisters are pretty as buttons, and ever armed with a quip and a dagger in the garter.

I get the crossover thing; Shaun of the Dead and all that, but a period zombie romance that focuses more on the romance? And it’s PG?!? … … … Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. STUPID! STUPIDSTUPIDSTUPID…*deepbreath* STOOOOOOOOOOOPIIIIIIDDDDDDDD!

Why try so hard to benefit no one? When you blend genres surely you pick a couple that make sense, or at least tilt more in favour of the one that will bring in an audience.

How many teenagers rolled up hoping for a zombie kill-fest and left disappointed? How many teenagers rolled up wanting a period romance? Three? (IMDB says not many)

Everyone puts on their poshest accent. Lena Headey wears an eyepatch. I fear Charles Dance read the first three words in the script title and said ‘I’m in’, only to arrive onset and wonder what the fuck was going on.

He’s not the only one. This is certainly expensive trash.

Final Rating – 4 / 10. A certain finalist in a packed field for the worst film of 2016.

While we’re coming up with hastily planned and fully misguided genre crossovers, might I suggest the following off the top of my head;

Glenngarry Glen Ross… And Sharks
Driving Miss Daisy and a Baby
Scott Pilgrim vs Kramer vs Kramer
Dangerous Liaisons with Transformers
Starship Troopers featuring Erin Brockovich
Brokeback Mountain Reservoir Dogs

But most of all…

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 2

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