The Eye (Review)

eyeAfter losing her sight at a very young age Sydney (Jessica Alba) has little recollection of colour and shape, let alone what her family and friends look like. This perhaps has assisted in honing her other senses, given she is a much admired virtuoso violinist.

Now in her mid twenties, Sydney’s life is to change again, when a new advanced surgery provides her with two brand new donor eyes.

Sydney can see again.

It takes a little while to wear in a new pair of shoes, so it should be no surprise that the gift of sight takes more than a few moments to get used to. Sydney’s sight is far from 20/20 in the early days. Moments of visual clarity are fleeting, surrounded by blurry edges that flicker in and out of focus.

And what are the shapes that move and lurk, but do not respond to her?

There is much to see in this new world. Too much at times. Freaky stuff. Weird stuff. Disturbing stuff. Stuff no one else in the rooms sees. Sydney, and others, start to wonder about her mental state… because it couldn’t be anything to do with the new eyes, the arrival of which seemed to coincide neatly with the onset of all these odd happenings?

Could it?

The Eye is riddled with cliches that attempt to unsettle or shock, but it is infantile stuff that doesn’t grant even the mildest unease. Sydney spends a good thirty minutes wondering if being blind wasn’t actually better. I spent an even greater period of time wishing I never watched this film.

Final Rating – 5.5 / 10. Jessica Alba learns that not every actress in the 2000s was guaranteed a ‘free hit’ in a low budget horror film.

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