Deep Impact (Review)

deep_impact_ver1How sad…

  • …would it be to disconnect with your father and have your last words be filled with hate, and no chance to retract them?
  • …would it be to finally find a girlfriend, then lose her almost immediately?
  • …would it be to have the ability to save someone, but you have two people to save?
  • …would it be to have to choose between your own safety and that of the planet?

How blatantly…

… can one film set up half a dozen transparently tear jerking situations, then coddle them along to the point that you pray they all die?

How many…

…scenarios can one film set up to cover over the fact that all we really are waiting for is how the big Kabooyah (TM) looks?

This is a big budget film about a big flying space rock destined to meet violently with the big rock we live on. But here the ‘Deep’ impact isn’t referring to the severity of the collision, it is about the meaningful moments allotted to the various B grade actors who aren’t up to the task of selling this Hallmark sympathy card shit.

Final Rating – 5.5 / 10. Apparently the imminent destruction of Earth would cause sadness. Fancy that.

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