It’s a Disaster (Review)

its_a_disasterIt’s a Disaster must have been a stage play at some point. And if it wasn’t it should have been. Set around a regular brunch attended by a long time group of friends, only to realise that this particular day finds something decidedly out of the ordinary going on outside, the film is droll and occasionally witty, but ultimately lightweight and full of the smug and smarmy jokes that I find pretentious and self serving.

There’s really not much to it. The day starts with the usual small talk, niceties and the feeling of supressed resentment between one particular. A BIG announcement is swiftly followed by a monumentally larger one, one that will impact far more than a pair of snarky middle class douches and their friends.

It is how this house full deals with the looming uncertainty unfolding outside that allegedly generates the black comedy.

I didn’t see it. This film is about as genuine as such gatherings of ‘kinda’ friends, where every story is a transparent attempt to impress and big note, or conversely to second guess or subtly belittle the achievements of others. There are a couple of nice moments and some minor unexpected developments, but not much to excite and surprise.

Final Rating – 6.5 / 10. It’s not a disaster, but nor is it the wry saviour of original black comedy that it wants to be.

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