Dance of the Dead (Review)

DanceoftheDead posterWhat’s worse than a bad prom? Zombies. And it seems that on this night no zombie in their right mind is missing this prom.

Sci-fi nerds, a wallflower, an alterna type a dad cheerleader team up to avoid dismemberment and evisceration at the hands of the undead.

Look I won’t spend much more time on this film, where the title practically serves as the film’s script. There’s no false advertising here. Unfortunately not much creativity and inspiration either.

Idle Hands was funnier.

Most everything else zombie related is gorier.

Shaun of the Dead killed it (and almost everything else in this niche genre) in both areas.

Final Rating – 6 / 10. Not awful. unsurprisingly injecting zombies into a prom can’t liven proceedings up much. It’s just been done better before. Often.

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While I try to throw a joke or two into proceedings when I can all of the opinions presented in my reviews are genuine. I don't expect that all will agree with my thoughts at all times nor would it be any fun if you did, so don't be shy in telling me where you think I went wrong... and hopefully if you think I got it right for once. Don't be shy, half the fun is in the conversation after the movie.
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