Navy Seals (Review)

navy_sealsThe Navy Seals are the U.S. Government’s Mr Fix-Its. A group of highly trained, extremely tough super soldiers who are given the tasks when the usual blokes aren’t up to it.
They take risks. They go hard. They don’t always come back.

And when they have time off they party hard.

When American missiles fall into the wrong hands, the Seals are called upon to track them down, retrieve them, and execute brutal justice upon the perpetrators of the crime. Across two formulaic hours the film ticks off the usual war film clichés, the bar fight, the emotional military funeral, the romance, thee friction between unit members.

And about the team members, they all play true to label; Michael Biehn is stoic and driven, Charlie Sheen wild and impetuous, Dennis Haysbert cool but forgettable, and Bill Paxton a bit of a loose cannon, although to be truthful he more carries a loose cannon, instead of is one.

Despite the repetitive plot and samish characters the film is partially redeemed by the finale, which has some satisfying explosions and a nice chase sequence with a big half track all terrain vehicle.

Navy Seals, like the group in the film, takes on insurmountable odds. Unlike the group in the film they cannot fully overcome them…

Final Rating – 6.5 / 10. Some explosions, gunshots and shameless 90s cock-rock help us reminisce about classic action films of the past, but aren’t quite enough to get the Navy Seals over the line and into such esteemed company.

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