Quarantine (Review)

“Help, I’m trapped in this pointless, crappy remake!”

I’ll keep this brief, this was the inevitable US made remake of a vaguely successful horror movie. In this case the horror movie was the Spanish film Rec: that came out a few years ago and achieved some notoriety for being (supposedly) original and ferociously scary.

After watching it I chose to disagree, just how much you can see right here, (at the bottom). In short I found it only OK and nothing special.

Quarantine turns out to be pretty much a lazy carbon copy, only in a more accewptable language, cos I guess all that readin’ in a film can get tedious hey Uncle Sam?

So rather than go into the plot, which you can see above, I’ll try to point out some of the reasons this is worse.

Let’s see, it is more obvious, there is some cheesy flirting and a crappy supposed joke with off-mike bravado being picked up, they tried to make the reason for the virus more apparent so they come up with a crappy cause, (which doesn’t for a second explain the finale by the way and falls apart under scrutiny), and lastly there is more gore throughout with less time for scares, so the events are less impactful.

Got it? So now don’t need to watch it.

Final Rating – 5 / 10. If you must see one and can’t choose, see Rec: If you don’t like readin’ watch Quarantine. If you like good movies, especially horror movies, watch neither.

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