Playa Hatin’ – Lazy Personal Number Plates

I’ve got no problem with those motorists that choose to personalise their vehicle identification plates for the benefit of others (I’m one of them), but please put some thought into them and for goodness’ sake have a Plan B if your first choice falls through. “Settling” for a close enough might be OK to justify a decision to yourself, but as someone who has no idea of the reasons behind Kevin’s decision to go with K6VIN I am left with no choice but to think you are a tosser with precious little imagination.

A “personal” plate should either say something about you or mean something to you, usually they end up with someone’s initials and birth year, which is fine. For those that want to express themselves you have many options: if you are a hoon or a motorhead and have CRUISIN or XTERMIN8R my compliments, though I probably wouldn’t bother having a chat about the reasons behind your “choice” plate. MUMS TAXI and HOT MAMA are also OK, albeit lame, and I’ve seen RED DWARF and even NO 1 ORC for some geek chic.

Here are examples of what I would call wrong

TOPGUN 3 – Why 3? (I actually met the guy who had this and his explanation was that 1 and 2 were taken. So was TOPGUN so very important that he’d settle for being the third? I’m sure BIGEGO was around, or even COCKHEAD.)

PANIK – It’s either the guy’s graffiti tag or he iz jus a badd spella.

CUP16 – Apparently this means C U PIG, but they were being wacky to get it through licensing.

NAUTY1 – See both TOPGUN3 and PANIK to see why I hate this.

SPESHAL – But not in the way you think.

I know there are a great many other examples out there and I fully acknowledge this is a fairly petty and minor pet hate, that doesn’t stop me hatin’.

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  1. Dazza says:

    As the not so proud owner of Daz 090 in 1990 when the pressure was on in the licensing form filling queue with many people behind you and you are being told 007 is taken etc (thank god by the way), I can understand after you have exhausted your top ten choices, things start to get ugly and desperate…..beads of sweat…….you have committed to having a personalised plate… cannot walk out without one…..take the pressure down!

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