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The ‘No softies” Truly Bad Guys list

There are various lists online touting “Best Bad Guys” and “the most Evil Villains in Cinema” (the guy who keeps hiring Shia LeBeouf springs to mind), but I reckon most of them miss the point. Time and time again the … Continue reading

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The Tournament (Review)

Every seven years a winner takes all tournament of assassins takes place somewhere in the world. A slickly produced, intricately arranged and top secret event that attracts the elite in the killing arts. All so that one of them can … Continue reading

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In Bruges (Review)

As the opening moments of In Bruges tell us Bruges is a city in Belgium… wikipedia tells me more “Bruges is located in the NorthWest of Belgium… has a population of around 120,000… is a historic city and has significant … Continue reading

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