A very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (Review)

If you don’t even know about the 2D Harold and Kumar you can read here and here.

If clicking ain’t your thing here is the abridged version. Harold and Kumar are two young Americans who swear, fornicate and like pot. (Geez I could have made that even briefer by just saying ‘Harold and Kumar are two young Americans’.)

Now we find revisit them six years after their last escapades. Harold is now a successful and Maria are married and trying for a child – nice one Harold. Kumar has broken up with and is still slobby, lazy and decidedly non-driven. The once inseparable pair have gradually
grown apart.

Perhaps in an attempt to fill the respective voids that they each feel after the loss of the other, both have new ‘best buds’. Harold the over keen and totally dorky Todd (Tom Lennon), Kumar some new stoner dude.

The plot isn’t the point of this threequel. But if you MUST know Harold and Kumar reluctantly team up with new buds in tow to find a replacement Christmas tree so that Harold can please his Father in Law (Danny Trejo) who is spending his first Christmas with them.

Along the way expect drug use, beer pong, Ukrainian gangsters and tripping babies.

The point of the film is that it is in 3D, so at various times we can witness the following
items fly past, over or toward us: smoke (natch), eggs, joints, baby Jesus and… wait for it, semen.( Yep, bring your folks to this one.)

Patton Oswalt plays a mall Santa in an unfortunately all too short cameo, Neil Patrick Harris is once again back to play an alternate NPH, and as always chaos reigns.

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas is everything you expect – i.e. nothing you could rightfully expect – and nothing you don’t – i.e. good taste, low key, well crafted jokes – but it’s all too stupidly funny to bother hatin’ on it.

Suffice to say if you liked Harold and Kumar in 2D, you’ll like them just as much in 3D.

Final Rating – 7 / 10. I saw this last night and now only one sleep later can hardly remember it, in saying that I would be just as happy to watch it again tomorrow. (But I’m not shilling another twenty on it fellas.)

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