Get Hard (Review)

get_hard_ver3James King (Will Ferrell) has it all. A big house, an important highly paid job with an imminent promotion, and the soft hand of a sexual freak – who happens to be the boss’s daughter.

Darnell (Kevin Hart) wants it all. But despite his drive and effort he can never move near the cusp of success.

It is when King finds himself facing a lengthy prison term (gravelly voice: ‘for a crime he didn’t commit!’ that circumstances conspire to bring these two mismatched people together.

King hires Darnell to teach him how to Harden Up in the 30 days prior to the commencement of his prison sentence.

Yep, Number 137 in a seemingly never ending series of films in which Will Ferrell acts as someone he is clearly not.

The problem is Darnell ain’t that tuff, well not when compared to anyone but King. But that doesn’t matter, not when the bulk of the ‘witty banter’ revolves around prison rape and racial ignorance.

Then Ferrell dons a garish tracksuit and some shades and starts ‘acting black’, which is apparently fine given that Kevin Hart is black; and he’s right there watching on and seems cool with it.

I can’t even pretend to care about describing what happens in the film after that. I’m pretty sure everyone in the audience, nay indigenous tribes in the heart of the Amazon rainforest who have never seen a film know exactly how this drivel will play out. More rape jokes and a few ‘cracker’ references.

Final Rating – 6 / 10. Ironically in pursuing just the easiest and most lazy of stereotypes, Ferrell has made his best film since Zoolander. I chuckled twice and didn’t vomit once. That’s a huge win.

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