Haunted (Review)

hauntedAfter a tragedy in his youth costs him a sibling, David becomes a scholar specialising in disproving the supernatural, something you wouldn’t have wagered would be especially necessary or profitable in early 1900s England…

When called to a large mansion in the country for a job, David meets Christina (Kate Beckinsale) and her two brothers, both of whom could be described as either ‘eccentric’ or ‘moronic’ depending on your mood at the time.

These three wealthy young adults tell David that the mansion’s in house nanny is – for lack of a better term – crazy. While he roams the grounds searching for clues, this threesome gallivant about acting equal parts foolish and suspicious.

Things do start moving of their own accord, doors slam and windows shudder, but this isn’t so much a haunted house film as it is a wtf is going on film.

Nothing here is scary except for the dopey behaviour of the brothers and the sense that the lunatic vibe will give way to something more. It doesn’t. This is two hours of mild curiosity culminating in disappointment. Like trying to remember where you left something, you’re confused for a while, but once you learn the truth there is no elation, just the mildest relief.

Final Rating – 6 / 10. Haunted is false advertising. Tepid might be more accurate.

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