The Day After Tomorrow (Review)

Day Aftre TomorrowThe Day After Tomorrow will not be spent worrying about storyline or nuanced characters. It will not be a day of reflection of plausibility or concern about logic.

No. Like the inventor who builds an expensive contraption designed to perform simple tasks, The Day After Tomorrow is a flimsy premise that exists to justify expensive cgi.

No sooner does scientist type Jack (Dennis Quaid) predict a global cold snap does the chill set in. This is a perilous time for those who live in the soon to be fro-zone, either flee or freeze. And in Roland Emmerich films if you are a well known building or landmark, your days are numbered…

Considering the sudden and unexpected damage caused by the astonishingly rapid frozen advance, perhaps the chill could be dubbed Cyclone Trump. With weather so cold your taun-taun has no chance of survival only the famous can survive, with Dennis Quaid crossing inhospitable terrain to rescue son Sam (Jake Gyllenhaal), despite having no way of knowing if Sam, or anyone for that matter, survived the initial freeze or even stayed in the same location.

The Day After Tomorrow is ridiculous, but strangely not ridiculous enough. In a world where buildings freeze instantly I need more stupid. A man trudging across ice to find his son won’t cut it. Without a genuine story, well realise characters or a protagonist, this is… well any Roland Emmerich film really, but even for him this is flimsy.

Final Rating – 6 / 10. As Mr Freeze might say, “Ice to meet you”.

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