Bad Influence (Review)

You've tried the hand-bra. Now introducing the Spader-bra!

You’ve tried the hand-bra. Now introducing the Spader-bra!

It’s a tale as old as time. Cute shy boy Michael (James Spader) meets gorgeous confident boy Alex (Rob Lowe).

Sparks fly, but Michael is reluctant to show interest.

Alex, sensing Michael’s shyness, boldly makes the first move. He tells Michael, “be more like me”. Michael, who has a dream job, a dream fiancĂ© and is in line for a dream promotion, thinks “Yes, I WOULD like to be a man“.

Apparently being a man all comes down to risk; as in take more of them. To some this might mean ‘ask the girl out’, or, ‘stand up to the bully’, in Michael’s case it means ‘slick your hair back’, ‘turn your lie upside down’ and ‘rob a convenience store at 2am for no sensible reason’. And when cornered, a true ‘Alex-style 90s man’ lies about everything.

The rites of passage to manhood are different in 90s movies…

But just before you wonder how self help tips from a dangerously narcissistic psychopath could possibly go wrong, wait for the final third of the film, which I will call ‘the realisation a few weeks late’.

Boy meets boys. Boy likes boy. Boy does everything boy asks, even though he knows he shouldn’t. Some relationships are too perfect to last.

Some films are too predictable to bother with.

Final Rating – 6 / 10. It took me a quarter century to watch this film for the first time, only die hard Rob Lowe or James Spader fans should seek this out.

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