Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead (Review)

dod_sno_2_ver3If the first film taught us anything, it is that Nazi zombies covet their gold. Also, young lads in basements across the globe watched the Evil Dead films…

The plot is only there to get us to the next dismemberment or decapitation, but such as it is: Martin, the lone survivor from film #1 finds himself emerging from unconsciousness to find he has unwittingly become the recipient of a new arm to replace the one he lost, only this new arm is actually from the Nazi zombie general.

Meanwhile in the no longer snow (Spring sure arrived fast) we come to the realisation that the Nazi zombies not only love their gold, but finishing missions given to them by Hitler some seven decades prior. That’s two things! Also, they’re recruiting, thanks to magical powers granted somehow. The same magical powers that inhabit Martin’s brand new arm.

After teaming with the American self-professed ‘Zombie Squad’ – two nerd-girls and an idiot bloke – Martin decides that the only way to fight a zombie army is to summon your own. And then get out of the way.

Enough plot. Gore is the operative word here. Over-the-top and silly in equal measure, but with the diminishing returns of repetition, I could live with a funny gore filled horror, but too often the between-mutilation jokes fall flat, likely a result of the film being written in Norwegian then shot in both English and Norwegian. The dialogue might translate, but most of the humour didn’t.

But for some squelching, oozing and severing needs no translator. For those people it’s more of the same that you loved or tolerated from the first film. For the rest of us it’s… more of the same also.

Final Rating – 6 / 10. Anyone can make a film nowadays. Doesn’t always mean you absolutely have to.

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