Dark Skies (Review)

dark_skiesDaniel and Lacy (Keri Russell) have a nice house in the suburbs. Two kids. Two cars. A nice lawn. Bills. The normal day to day pressures. Nothing too dramatic.

That is until stuff starts happening. Weird stuff. Unexplainable stuff. It usually takes place at night and looks like small time mischief. Things have been moved around. Things go missing.

All common sense suggests the kids. The older of the two boys Bobby has a bit of a loser friend, and young Sam hasn’t been himself lately.

But as the nights go by and the ‘stuff’ gets freakier, common sense takes a back seat, and Daniel and Lacy must ask some tough questions about their grasp of reality.

Amazingly, like in many films where a house seems targeted by beings, entities or groups of whatevers, the family make the choice to stay and in fact worry about how others view them. This despite there being a dozen or so ‘Let’s just cut and run’ worthy events.

If a thousand birds all kamakazied into my home simultaneously¬†for no explainable reason, I’d find new shelter. Any shelter. A shed. A cardboard box. I’d even attend a taping of The Voice if it got me out of my home until shit got sorted out.

Regardless of a lack of logic Dark Skies builds the tension well and smartly doesn’t show its hand until late – largely because it only holds a pair of twos. Some would think people are lunatics for believing in crazy things, too many people in the movies are lunatics because they maintain disbelief when the evidence is all around them…

Final Rating – 7 / 10. Poltergeist (1982) via Signs, without the highs of either.

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