The Rocker (Review)

rocker_ver3A quick and nasty – yet accurate – review might simply say; “See School of Rock“.

A cruel twist of fate saw earnest garage drummer Fish (Rainn Wilson) unceremoniously dumped from glam rock group Vesuvius just as they began the ascent to global domination. His grief and petulance saw Fish never recover from the snub.

Twenty years later, Vesuvius still rule the airwaves, while Fish lives penniless and jobless in his sister’s (Jane Lynch) loft.

Fish once again picks up the sticks only to help his clumsy teenage nephew and his garage band play at the school prom. But the taste is enough for Fish to want more…

More comes with some unwitting YouTube nudity that leads to hits, to interest, to a contract, to a tour – all within days.

Will Fish once again find the love that comes from the adulation of strangers? Will the handsome brooding young lead singer find his voice? Will the spunky but insecure young female bass player find her niche? Will the nerdy nephew keyboard player find some young groupie?

Watch School of Rock for the answers…

The humour here is derived from Fish always being more juvenile than his band mates, even when in the presence of responsible adults who watch on disapprovingly. There are also a great many jokes emanating from Fish falling over and otherwise harming himself in clumsy ways. All things that merely confirm the harmlessness and inspiration free nature of the material which is a patently obvious attempt to see if Wilson might find his niche in the Kevin James zone.

Fair to say that this has not yet eventuated.

Final Rating – 6 / 10. A fifteen second premise stretched beyond breaking point. This film, sadly, does not rock.

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