Final Analysis (Review)

A vision impaired threesome.

A vision impaired threesome.

Aside from launching a thousand teenage zippers skyward, Basic Instinct is also responsible for a spate of copy-cat sex-thrillers, all of which arrived hot on the high heels of Catherine Tramell in the 90s. Final Analysis sure is a lazy one.

Richard Gere is Isaac Barr, a well respected and sought after psychiatrist whose opinion is greatly valued. He is actually treating the mousy and insecure Diana (Uma Thurman) as the film opens, but through her he meets Heather (Kim Basinger), a far more outgoing and confident woman who is married to a man very well known in local circles, but not known for especially positive reasons.

The scungy hubby is Jimmy Evans (Eric Roberts), a high profile criminal with an unpredictable nature and a tendency to utilize intimidation and violence.

Given she is married to a man who could drive any woman to drink, it is probably quite unfortunate that Heather also suffers from ‘alcohol insanity’ (I know I’ve never heard of it either), a condition that sends her looney after even one small tipple.

It’s amazing that this is a two hour film, given that the middle 90 minutes are all filler trying in vain to lend credibility to the sex scene between Gere and Basinger, a long boring wait preceding an especially unsatisfying ‘twist’.

As mentioned there were several of these films arriving about this time. There is a reason why most people have no recollection of this one, even if they’ve seen it.

Final Rating – 5 / 10. Only a dose of alcohol insanity could make convince me to watch this again – or perhaps space dementia

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