Hell Baby (Review)

"Annnnd no probs with the ultrasound..."

“Annnnd no probs with the ultrasound…”

When Jack and pregnant wife Vanessa moved to an old fixer upper in lush and exotic New Orleans, they thought they were entering a new phase of adulthood. Little did they know that they would be integral parts of two horrific future events, the rise of the new Dark Lord, and the creation of a new horror spoof movie.

And frankly I find it difficult to pick which one is worse.

Look this shit writes itself. Pick a genre, then lazily trawl the imdb lists for notable and well know titles to parody, exploiting the powers of recognition more than the comedic sensibilities of the audience. Your best case here is “oh that’s The Omen bit” or “yup that was in The Exorcist“, when all I want to say is “oh that’s mildly amusing at least”.

No dice. In fact it is the peripheral characters that very nearly squeeze the laughs from this dire material. The omnipresent and wilfully oblivious neighbour Fernell who is seemingly waiting for the exactly wrong time to emerge. Which of course he is. The not very diligent Church Members who are tasked with investigating the potential birth of the Antichrist. The starkly nude sister who is there for her ability and willingness to be starkly nude.

The best I can say for this film is that at least it doesn’t stoop to Scary Movie depths. Even though the parodies and references are lazy at least they emanate from the horror genre. And there aren’t the inexplicable cameos from the notorious, famous and pointless. That doesn’t make it funnier, more admirable or better, just slightly less atrocious.

Final Rating – 5 / 10. This type of film demands distraction and fleeting amusement to justify existence. I’m just saying there are a million other fleetingly amusing distractions out there…

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