Sightseers (Review)

So many quotes to disagree with.

So many quotes to disagree with.

When a new couple in their thirties find love for the first time and embark upon a low key caravanning trip through the lesser tourist attractions of rural UK, it seems like the beginnings of a life of bliss in the non-fast lane.

Of course Tina’s elderly mum resents the fact that Chris is taking her daughter away – no doubt to do all sorts of disgusting things! – the excitement levels between the couple are especially high, and the excitement already bubbling over.

Even with an early and unfortunate mishap, the lovestruck couple soldier on, learning on the fly how relationships really work and how ‘normal’ couples interact with others. Chris’s jealousy is clearly evident early on, and for her part Tina’s naïveté proves frustrating.

Still, they spend the days cruising the countryside with the enormous caravan in tow, and the mornings and evenings yakking with fellow travellers. They come to learn each others likes, dislikes and eccentricities, and even teach each other a thing or two along the way.

Sightseers was produced by Edgar Wright (The World’s End), which was how I came to hear about it and track it down. Where Wright’s work is constantly inventive and hilarious, the emphasis in this black comedy is the hue, not the laughs. When things inevitably take a darker turn and continue on down that path for the duration, I kept waiting for either creativity or startling developments. Alas neither arrived, leaving Sightseers as entertaining and eventful as a frumpy couple on a caravan holiday sounds.

Final Rating – 6 / 10. There are a couple of ok moments, but not enough of them to fill the back of a postcard.

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