For a Good Time Call… (Review)

Bananarama are back baby!

Bananarama are back baby! Two thirds of ’em anyway…

Lauren is a needy and uptight doormat, needing new accommodation after being unceremoniously dumped by her longtime boyfriend.

Katie lives in a large spacious apartment, only she is soon to be evicted as she cannot afford the rent by herself.

Jesse knows both girls and has suggested that they can help each other out, only he has introduced them to each other before many years ago, with the result being abject hatred.

But the alternative for each is even more unpalatable, so they begrudgingly agree to live together, making their feelings well known by treating each other like shit.

Lauren has no job but fine prospects in business administration. She just has to wait three months for her dream role to come up. Katie on the other hand has a few jobs – the one we must deal with through the film being a phone sex operator.

Katie knows she should be making more money but doesn’t know how. Lauren sees how, and with three months off and no other options…

… Lauren lays down one proviso; she will be a silent partner, meaning no talkie on the phonie for her.

Within weeks the new improved business is humming with activity, so much so that new staff are required. But when their best operator turns against them (in a hackneyed scene) Lauren must answer to the call.

For a Good Time Call… is almost like a ‘how to’ for the most boring episode of Girls Gone Wild. Lauren and Katie grow firm friends at the expense of all else, including Lauren’s family and Jesse – which is a good thing as it saves us from some of Jesse’s patented gay stereotype dialogue.

I’m sure this would have been marketed as a ‘dangerous alternative’ to boring comedy, but even with the adult theme and dildos strewn about the place it is not near as edgy as it wants to think it is.

It’s also not as funny as I wanted to think it was. The relationship between the girls seemed forced both when they hated each other AND when they decided they were best buds, and the (minor) celebrity cameos as phone sex users including Seth Rogen and Kevin Smith were hardly uproarious.

Final Rating – 6 / 10. This might be dangerous for a middle aged women’s sleepover. But then middle aged women don’t sleepover.

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